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functionmetric (Function metric) is a monitoring system for serverless architecture, designed to improve observability of your AWS projects.

You can set up functionmetric on your AWS account in just a few minutes by deploying our CloudFormation template.

Why choose functionmetric?

  • Data Ownership: The log data generated by your functions stays stored in your account.
  • Security: Limited access to your AWS account for our UI is granted by IAM roles.
  • Ease of setup and use: Simply deploy our CloudFormation template and start collecting insights.
  • Transparency: Everything deployed to your account is open source.
  • Multi-Account: Categorise your functions by environment (stage), and app, from one or many AWS accounts.

Who can use functionmetric?

functionmetric is suitable for monitoring execution of AWS Lambda functions from one or several AWS accounts.

It's ideal for individuals or small development teams to quickly set up monitoring of their serverless apps and services.

At a minimum, you'll just need to be able to install the Cloudformation Template to integrate functionmetric with your AWS Account(s).

Setup takes just a few minutes. Keep reading for our walkthrough.